DART+ DART+ South West Public Consultation Process
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DART+ South West Public Consultation Process

Public participation is a key element to the delivery of major infrastructure projects, such as the DART+ South West Project. There are three main opportunities for customers, neighbours and interested parties to provide feedback to the scheme development and Railway Order approval process as outlined below:

  • ·Public Consultation No.1 on the Emerging Preferred Option (Spring 2021) – Current Stage
  • Public Consultation No. 2 on the Preferred Option (Summer 2021)
  • Statutory Consultation Period as part of the Railway Order Application process (Winter 2021/Spring 2022)

These are highlighted in graphical form below:

Graphic showing public participation in the option selection, design and Railway Order process

YearStudies and ResearchPublications and MilestonesPublic Participation
Spring 2021Options development and appraisal to support identification of 'Emerging Preferred Option
Preliminary Option Selection Report and selection of 'Emerging Preferred Option'
Non-statutory public consultation on the 'Emerging Preferred Option
Summer 2021Options Selection Report and 'Preferred Option' confirmation
Option Selection Report and 'Preferred Option' identification
Non-statutory public consultation on the 'Preferred Option'
Autumn 2021Complete design appraisal and statutory documents
Design freeze and planning submission preparation
Stakeholder engagement
Winter 2021/ Spring 2022Subject to government approval make planning submission
Issue of planning submissions and Railway Order documents
An Bord Pleanála statutory consultation

Iarnród Éireann invites the public to engage in the design process and all feedback will be considered during all stages of the design development and can be submitted through the Project website, e-mail address, phone line or by written correspondence. For further details on how to do this please see the How to Engage section.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions the first consultation on the ‘Emerging Preferred Option’ will be a predominantly digital online public consultation. If COVID-19 restrictions ease further into 2021, the second public consultation event, scheduled for the Summer of 2021, presenting the ‘Preferred Option’ to the public may be possible to hold in a physical location.