DART+ DART+ West Preferred Option
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DART+ West Preferred Option

The preferred option for the DART+ West is as presented in the following sections:

General Linear Works

The following is a summary of the general linear works required along the full length of the project to enable the electrification of the line and the upgrade of the existing network:

  • Overhead electrification equipment similar in style to that currently used on the DART network will be required to provide electrical power to the network’s new electrified train fleet. 
  • Twelve substations will be required at intervals along the full length of the line to provide power to the network.
  • Signalling upgrades and additional signalling equipment will be required to the upgraded infrastructure to allow the running of trains at a higher frequency.
  • Improving boundary walls and fencing to ensure public safety due to the electrification of the line. This will require increasing the height of walls in some instances to provide the necessary protection and physical segregation between public areas and the railway corridor.
  • Alterations to railway tracks, including minor realignment and track lowering.
  • Utility diversions required to accommodate new and upgraded infrastructure, vegetation management and other ancillary works provided along the length of the project.
  • A number of temporary and permanent compounds are required along the length of the project. These will generally be located at the main works locations.

City Centre Enhancements (Connolly Station and Spencer Dock Station)

Spencer Dock Station

The additional train capacity cannot be accommodated solely in Connolly Station and therefore additional city centre capacity is required. The preferred option is the construction of a new station at Spencer Dock. This new station will represent a significant enhancement to the Dublin Docklands area, securing interchange with Luas, and local bus services and imbedding integrated transport in the heart of the Dublin Docklands Area.

Preferred Option for the new Spencer Dock Station

Connolly Station

Proposed Preston Street Entrance

In respect of passenger access and egress enhancements, the preferred option is to provide a new Connolly Station entrance from Amiens Street via Preston Street and through the existing undercroft arches beneath the station. Emergency exits have been included on Amiens Street and the Fáilte Ireland carpark to Seville Place.

Preferred Option for the new entrance to Conolly Station from Preston Street

Click here for accessible image description for Preston Street Entrance.

Proposed Trackwork at Connolly Station

To facilitate the proposed increase in train frequency at Connolly Station it is proposed as part of DART+ West to modify the trackwork on the northern approach to the Station with additional crossovers and adjustments to track alignment. 

City Centre to Phibsborough / Glasnevin

It is proposed that both of the existing railway lines between Connolly Station and Phibsborough / Glasnevin and between the proposed Spencer Dock Station and Phibsborough/Glasnevin will be electrified with the installation of overhead electrical equipment, associated infrastructural enhancements, re-signalling, telecommunications, electrical substations and ancillary works. 

There are a number of existing structures in this section where the space beneath the bridge is insufficient to allow the installation of a standard OHLE solution. At these locations, track lowering, installation of a reduced height OHLE solutions or a combination of both is proposed to meet the needs of the scheme.

A substation will be required at Docklands within CIÉ lands.

Phibsborough / Glasnevin Junction to Clonsilla Junction

Level crossing closures at Ashtown, Coolmine, Porterstown and Clonsilla. Replacement infrastructure is provided as necessary. Ashtown will be a full vehicular underpass with cyclist and pedestrian facilities, Coolmine, Porterstown and Clonsilla will each have a pedestrian and cyclist bridge, whilst Coolmine will also require junction improvements in the area.

Preferred Option for the Ashtown level crossing replacement

Preferred Option for the Coolmine level crossing replacement

Preferred Option for the Porterstown level crossing replacement

Preferred Option for the Clonsilla level crossing replacement

Bridge reconstructions /deck lifts will be required at the rail bridges adjacent to Broombridge bridge, Old Navan Road Bridge and Granard Bridge.

A permanent maintenance facility will be located south west of Navan Road Parkway Station. Substations will be required on the edge of the playing pitches of St. Vincent’s School in Glasnevin and at Ashtown, Castleknock and Coolmine.

Clonsilla Junction to M3 Parkway

All works in this section are described in the general linear works section with the exception of three existing structures requiring track lowering, installation of a reduced height OHLE solution or a combination of both: Barnhill Bridge, Stirling Road Bridge, Dunboyne Bridge.  Substations will be required at Hansfield, Dunboyne and M3 Parkway.

Clonsilla Junction to Maynooth Depot

In this section of the scheme there are two existing level crossings closures at Barberstown and Blakestown. Barberstown will have a full vehicular bridge whilst Blakestown will not have any replacement infrastructure.

Bridge reconstructions /deck lifts will be required at the rail bridges adjacent to Leixlip Confey Station and Louisa Bridge.

West of Maynooth the rail track will be upgraded to a twin-track between Maynooth and the proposed depot. West of Maynooth this twin track configuration will divert offline to the south, running parallel to the existing railway on the approach to the proposed depot. 

Preferred Option for the stabling area and maintenance workshop at the depot to the west of Maynooth

The proposed works will include trackwork, electrification, signalling and telecommunications works, embankment construction, drainage works with attenuation and compensatory storage within the floodplain of the Lyreen River and tributary. The works will also include electrification of the existing siding south of the railway in Maynooth. The road crossing Jackson’s bridge will be closed with the L5041 diverted west and over the depot and rail line. 

A maintenance and stabling depot will be provided west of Jackson’s Bridge. Facilities will be provided for the stabling and maintenance of trains whilst there will also be administrative buildings and a Depot Control Centre. Additional compensatory storage will be provided to the south of the depot lands.

Substations will be required at Leixlip Confey, Blakestown, Maynooth and the depot.

A more detailed description of the Preferred Option is available in Volume 1 of the Option Selection Report which can be accessed by clicking into the Useful Material and Downloads.