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Terms of Use, Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy

Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Iarnród Éireann respects the privacy of all visitors to our website. We’ve improved the way we describe our practices and how you can control your data. 

To read the full Iarnród Éireann terms of use and privacy statement click the link below. 

This Cookie Policy outlines our policy concerning the use of cookies on all Iarnród Éireann Websites.

We may update our Cookies Policy to reflect any changes in technology or data protection law. Any updates or changes that may affect how we use cookies or how you as a user can manage cookies will appear on this page.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer or internet enabled device by websites in order to add functionality. A cookie can be used to identify a user’s computer or internet enabled device to the website, or to other third party websites. This allows websites to improve the way they work, such as remembering preferences expressed by a user or tracking a user’s use of a website for statistical analysis. Typically, cookies involve the assigning of a unique number to the visitor. More information about cookies can be found on and

Cookies on Iarnród Éireann Websites

Iarnród Éireann sets the following types of cookies on your device when you visit our websites:

  1. Strictly Necessary / First Party cookies
  2. Performance and Analytics / Third Party cookies
  3. Targeting and Advertising cookies

These cookies are a mixture of first party cookies, which we set ourselves, and third party cookies set by third party service providers.

Strictly Necessary and First Party cookies

First Party cookies or strictly necessary allow you to access our websites, to move between pages and to receive services which you have requested.

These cookies include session cookies that allow users to stay logged in while navigating through our websites and to carry out essential tasks such as adding items to a shopping basket when purchasing tickets on our websites.

These cookies don’t usually contain any personal data and are typically set by Iarnród Éireann to provide specific services such as e-commerce transactions.

Strictly Necessary and First Party cookies can be amended on the View and Manage Cookies page.

Performance and Analytics cookies

Cookies are also used to collect statistical information about visitors of our websites and the pages they view. These cookies allow visitors to receive a high quality experience through customised offerings and facilitate timely identification and resolution of any issues that arise.  The following performance cookies are used on our websites:

Information collected by these cookies is aggregated and used anonymously. *Where personal information is provided such as name, email, social media log in or contact number is only used for the purpose of the communication or to contact you in relation to the topic you were communication with us on.

Performance and Analytics cookies can be amended on the View and Manage Cookies page.

Targeting and advertising cookies

Together with our partners and advertisers we use cookies to display advertisements that we believe are relevant to you and your interests. Third party advertisers and partners may analyse data they collect about your use of our websites in order to serve adverts to you on our websites or on other third party websites. We also work with advertisers in order to display our own adverts on third party websites, based on cookies set on your visit to our websites. Advertisers may also use information about your previous web activity to tailor the adverts which are displayed on our websites. Advertising/targeting cookies may also be used to track your responses to particular adverts, which helps advertisers to ensure that you see the most relevant advertisements in future, both on our websites and on third party websites. 

Targeting and advertising cookies can be amended on the View and Manage Cookies page.

Other third party cookies

Some cookies that have been set on our websites are not related to Iarnród Éireann. When you visit a page with content embedded from a third party such as YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, these service providers may set their own cookies on your web browser.

We do not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them due to the way that cookies work, as cookies can only be accessed by the party who originally set them. You should check the third party websites for more information about these cookies and the cookie policy of these third parties.

Other third party cookies can be amended on the View and Manage Cookies page.

Controlling and disabling cookies

If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can turn off the cookie acceptance option in your browser settings. For further information about how to turn off cookie acceptance please refer to the “Help” function in your browser.

Please note that disabling cookie support may prevent the Website from functioning properly and you may not be able to fully utilise all of its features and services. Click the link for more information on how to manage cookies, including how to opt-out of performance cookies.

In order to see all cookies operating on a platform there is several useful tools available that will enable you to see what is being tracked and some even give you the option to disable tracking you do not want for free.

Contact Us

Prior to contacting us, please review all of the information above. 

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