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Welcome to the DART+ South West Project

The second of the infrastructural projects of the DART+ Programme to be delivered will be the DART+ South West Project. This rail improvement project will provide a sustainable, electrified, reliable and more frequent rail service to our customers, revolutionising capacity between Hazelhatch & Celbridge station and Dublin City Centre, whilst also increasing capacity and reducing journey times for non-electrified InterCity and Commuter services.

DART+ South West Virtual Exhibition Room

Iarnród Éireann wants to provide you with every possible opportunity to learn about the DART+ South West Project and get involved in the design development process. A virtual exhibition space has been created to provide information, similar to the exhibition events that would have traditionally been held in local communities. This virtual space is aimed at increasing the public knowledge of, and improving engagement with, the project but from the safety and comfort of your personal surroundings.

DART+ South West Introduction

Iarnród Éireann have now concluded the 1st round of Public Consultation on the Emerging Preferred Option for the DART+ South West Project. This consultation was our way of asking you, as potential users of the service or those likely to be affected by its development, for your views on our early design plans. All submissions are being reviewed and considered as part of the design process, in preparation for the 2nd round of Public Consultation.

The project will:

  • Increase train capacity from the current 12 trains per hour per direction to 23 trains per hour per direction (i.e. maintain the existing 12 services, with an additional 11 train services provided by DART+ South West). This will increase passenger capacity from the current peak capacity of approximately 5,000 passengers per hour per direction to approximately 20,000 passengers per hour per direction.
  • Reduce carbon emissions through the deployment of new electric trains.
  • Support growing communities, businesses, and future development by providing high-quality integrated public transport services in line with Government policy including the National Planning Framework and Climate Action Plan.

Your knowledge will inform the design and help Iarnród Éireann to improve our Project plans, ensuring that it will be beneficial for you and the communities it will serve.

Delivery of DART+ South West will support existing communities and support future sustainable development. It will serve all existing stations along the railway corridor between Hazelhatch & Celbridge Station and Dublin City Centre using electrical power, which has a lower carbon footprint than the current diesel trains. The frequency and quality of service will provide a viable transport alternative for surrounding communities other than private car travel. This will assist in Ireland reducing road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, thereby helping to combat climate change.

The electrification of the rail line will predominantly follow the existing railway corridor. Works outside of Iarnród Éireann lands will be required at a number of locations for some of the scheme elements such as: 

  • Widening of the railway corridor for four-tracking between Park West & Cherry Orchard Station and Heuston Station; 
  • Bridge reconstruction and/or improvements; 
  • Construction of substations (to facilitate the provision of power to the line); and 
  • Use of land for temporary construction/storage compounds and all ancillary works required for the project.

Key Infrastructural Elements

DART+ South West is seeking to modernise and optimise the existing railway between Hazelhatch & Celbridge Station to Heuston Station and also from Heuston Station to Glasnevin, via the Phoenix Park Tunnel Branch Line. The project involves track works, electrification and certain interventions to remove constraints.

DART+ South West Route Map

The project covers circa 20km from Hazelhatch & Celbridge Station to Glasnevin via the Phoenix Park Tunnel Branch Line. There are currently five operational stations along the route bringing passengers into and out of the city centre.

Benefits of DART+ South West

This project will have far reaching positive transportation effects by providing a sustainable transport system with increased passenger capacity and frequency. This will be beneficial to surrounding and future communities and will assist in reducing dependency on private cars.

Public Consultation Process

Public participation is welcomed and is actively encouraged throughout the design development process and is a key element to the delivery of major infrastructure projects, such as the DART+ South West Project.

View Public Consultation Information

Public Consultation No. 1 – Closed

Public Consultation No. 1 on the Emerging Preferred Option for the DART+ South West is formally concluded.

Public Consultation No. 2

The Public Consultation No. 2 on the Preferred Option is coming in Summer 2021

Railway Order Application Statutory Consultation

A Statutory Consultation process will be undertaken by An Bord Pleanála once the DART+ South West Railway Order application is made.

Emerging Preferred Option

The preliminary option assessment studies have led to the identification of the Emerging Preferred Option as presented.

Next Steps

Here you will find information on the option selection, design development methodology and the Railway Order application process.

Useful Resources & Downloads

Here you will find useful DART+ South West material for you to download.

How to Engage

Here you will find details on how to get in touch.

Project Sponsors

The DART+ Programme is being implemented by Iarnród Éireann as part of Project Ireland 2040 and the NTA's Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (2016-2035).