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DART+ Coastal South

The DART+ Coastal Projects, as part of the DART+ Programme, will deliver an increased and improved electrified network, with additional passenger capacity and enhanced train services between Drogheda in the north to Greystones in the south (covering approx. 86km). The DART+ Coastal Projects are funded by the National Transport Authority, under Project Ireland 2040. Upon completion, DART+ Coastal Projects will see the extension of electrification of the line from Malahide to Drogheda with improvements along the existing DART line from Malahide/Howth to Greystones.

The key elements of DART+ Coastal Projects include:

  •  Upgrading of existing infrastructure from Drogheda to Greystones to enable an increase in frequency of train services, including: 
    • Upgrade of junctions and station turn-back facilities. 
    • Assessment of and potential removal of level crossings, reducing constraints on both rail and road traffic.
    • Modifications to bridges and structures.
    • Provision of train stabling.
    • Upgrade of signalling, telecoms and power supplies.
    • Track modifications and additions to improve capacity. 
  • Extension of the current electrification from Malahide to Drogheda (approx. 37km)
  •  Modifications to the existing Depots at Drogheda and Fairview to support the new fleet.

The DART+ Coastal Projects are currently at an early stage in the projects timeline with an assessment of options currently being undertaken. As the projects proceed, two stages of non-statutory public stakeholder engagement will be conducted prior to the lodgement of the Railway Order applications.


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