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DART+ Cósta Theas

Welcome to the DART+ Coastal South Project

The fourth of the infrastructural projects of the DART+ Programme to be delivered will be the DART+ Coastal South Project. This rail improvement project will provide an increased frequency of DART services on the existing electrified Southern Line between Greystones and Dublin City Centre. The DART+ Coastal South project team is preparing for the first round of non-statutory Public Consultation, which will present the Emerging Preferred Option, this is expected to commence in Q1 2023.

DART+ Coastal South Introduction

Details of the DART+ Coastal South project can be found below.

The project will: 

  • Facilitate the future increase in capacity and frequency of trains through the following:
    • provision of train stabling and turnback facility at Bray Station,
    • track modifications south of Bray Station to facilitate the increase in service between Bray and Greystones,
    • closure of level crossings to remove road traffic / rail constraints at the following locations;
      • Lansdowne to Merrion Gates – Lansdowne Road, Serpentine Avenue, Sandymount Avenue, Sydney Parade and Merrion Gates;
      • Bray;
      • Ennis Lane.
  • Support growing communities, businesses, and future development by providing high-quality integrated public transport services in line with Government policy including the National Planning Framework and Climate Action Plan. 

Delivery of the DART+ Coastal South Project will support existing and developing communities along the railway and support future sustainable development in the surrounding region. The project will serve all existing stations along the railway corridor between Dublin City Centre and Greystones. The frequency and quality of service will provide a viable transport alternative to communities along the route and help encourage people to migrate from private car use. This will assist Ireland in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport and help combat climate change.  

The extent of infrastructural interventions on the Southern Line will, in so far as possible, remain within the existing railway corridor. However, studies are ongoing to determine the need for certain infrastructural interventions, which may require additional land take e.g., level crossing relief infrastructure and construction compounds. 

Key Infrastructural Elements

DART+ Coastal South is seeking to increase rail capacity on the Southern Line between Dublin City Centre and Greystones.

DART+ Coastal South Route Map

The DART+ Coastal South Project extends from south of Connolly Station as far as Greystones. The Southern Line is currently electrified as far as Greystones. There are 18 operational stations included within the full extents of the DART+ Coastal South route bringing passengers into and out of the city centre.

Benefits of DART+ Coastal South

This project will have far reaching positive transportation effects by providing a sustainable transport system with increased passenger capacity and frequency. This will be beneficial to surrounding and future communities and will assist in reducing dependency on private cars.

How to Engage

Here you will find details on how to get in touch.