DART+ DART+ West Public Consultation Process
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DART+ West Public Consultation Process

Public participation during the design process is a key element to the delivery of major infrastructure projects, such as the DART+ West. Thre are three main opportunities to provide feedback to the scheme development and railway order approval process as outlined below:

  • Public consultation No. 1 emerging preferred option (Autumn 2020) - completed
  • Public consultation No. 2 preferred option (Summer 2021) - current stage
  • Statutory consultation period as part of the railway order application process (End 2021 / Early 2022)

These are highlighted in graphical form below:

Studies & Research
Publications & Milestones
Public Participation
CompletedAutumn 2020Options development and appraisal to support identification of 'emerging preferred option' Preliminary Option Selection Report and selection of 'emerging preferred option'Non-statutory public consultation on the 'emerging preferred option'
We are hereSummer 2021Options Selection Report & 'preferred option' confirmation Option Selection Report and 'preferred option' identification Non-statutory public consultation on the 'preferred option'

Summer/ Autumn 2021Complete design appraisal and  statutory documentsDesign Freeze & planning submission preparation Stakeholder engagement

Late 2021 / Early 2022Subject to government approval make planning submission Issue of Planning submission & railway order documents An Bord Pleanála statutory consultation

Public feedback will be accepted during all stages of the design development and can be submitted through the project website, e-mail address, phone or by written correspondence. For further details see the How to Engage / Contact Us section.

Iarnród Éireann invites the public to engage in the design process and all feedback is welcome.


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this consultation event will be predominantly a digital public consultation on the preferred option.