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Benefits of DART+ Coastal North

  • Increase peak passenger capacity and increase train frequency between Dublin City Centre and Drogheda MacBride Station - inclusive of the Howth Branch - facilitating frequent and reliable transport to the surrounding communities. 
  • Enhance public transport opportunities for work, education, and leisure purposes. 
  • Facilitate the development and future growth of existing and new communities that will greatly benefit from the connectivity that the DART+ Coastal North project will deliver. 
  • Help alleviate road congestion. 
  • Build a sustainable and connected city region, supporting the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient society. 
  • Facilitate people to make sustainable travel choices by encouraging a move away from private cars to a reliable, efficient and safer public transport network. 
  • Improve multi-modal transport connectivity through the development of the wider DART+ Programme. 
  • Improve journey time reliability.